(Conducted on 30/09/2012)

Published on 03/10/2012

1D 21C 41C 61A
2 D 22 C 42 B 62 C
3B 23A 43D 63D
4 D 24 D 44 C 64 B
5B 25D 45D 65D
6 C 26 B 46 B 66 D
7A 27A 47B 67B
8 C 28 B 48 D 68 C
9D 29A 49A 69A
10 C 30 B 50 D 70 C
11D 31C 51A 71D
12 B 32 A 52 C 72 D
13C 33B 53D 73B
14 C 34 C 54 D 74 C
15D 35D 55A 75C
16 C 36 D 56 C 76 A
17A 37B 57C 77C
18 A 38 C 58 A 78 A
19A 39D 59A 79C
20 B 40 C 60 D 80 C

Complaints, if any, from the candidates regarding the answer keys, with valid proof, may be sent to the Director, LBS Centre for Science and Technology, Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram, so that it may reach his office within five working days from the date of publication of answer keys. Complaints not substantiated with supporting documents will not be considered. Complaints through email will be entertained only if it is supported with written documents by post, and such complaints with documents should also be received in this office within the prescribed time limit.