Test for the Post of  Asst. Professors in the Co-Operative Academy of Professional Education

 (Conducted on 01-03-2015 )

CORRECTION IN ANSWER KEYS Published on 02-03-2015

Subject Qn.No/Version Published Key Corrected As
Civil Engineering 11-A/51-B C Correct Option not Given - Question Cancelled
14-A/54-B A B
72-A/12-B A D
86-A/26-B A D
44-A/84-B B C
Electronics and Communication 3-A/53-B B C
26-A/76-B B C
28-A/78-B A B
48-A/98-B A D
83-A/33-B A C
100-A/50-B C C & A
97-A/47-B A C
32-A/82-B C Correct Option not Given. Question Cancelled
Electrical and Electronics 20-A/80-B B A
68-A/28-B B C
47-A/7-B A Question has no relevance. Question Cancelled
65-A/25-B D C
73-A/33-B C B
3-A/63-B C B
Mechanical 8-A/52-B D B
16-A/60-B C C & B
33-A/77-B C D
87-A/31-B C D
Computer Science 23-A/63-B D B
25-A/65-B A C
26-A/66-B C B
41-A/81-B C Question Cancelled
91-A/31-B C

Question Cancelled

57-A/97-B D Question Cancelled